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Our Goal

The point of the Long Island Hobby Website is to bring the Long Island New York Hobby Community together and to compile a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for all hobby enthusiasts in the area. Visitors can add their own listings and website links completely FREE of charge. No catch. There is no charge for use of this website because we just want it to be the best of its kind.

Our Team

This website was created in late 2005 by Andrew Karaptis in partnership with Valve Media (who provide outstanding and affordable Web Design for the Long Island area). We don't have a huge team of employees sitting in a cubicle farm running things. The whole site is run by a small group of people (mostly family members) donating their time. Although it is sometimes hard for us to field all the emails and phonecalls we get day in and day out, we are dedicated to answering each communication and request quickly and without robots/computers doing the talking for us.

Want To Show Your Support?

Why would we want to spend our time and money building and maintaining this free website? Well first and foremost, we enjoy it. Secondly, we make some money back through placing unobtrusive ads on the various pages of our website. If you get some value out of this site and would like to help support the site and give something back, simply click on some of the ads we post. Or better yet, if you have a listing on this site and you're interested in getting more exposure with a better placement, sign up for one of our ultra-affordable Premium Listings. Even better still, Advertise With Us and get your custom banner ad placed in prime locations on the site to really boost views and hits to your resource. We'd also greatly appreciate it if you'd link back to us from your website, which helps spread the word. And finally, if you just want to tell us how much you enjoy the site, send us a quick message. We really appreciate all the support.

Contribute Content & Feedback

This site is always expanding. We're dedicated to making the site as complete and comprehensive as possible, but we recognize that there will always be new hobbies and/or hobby resources that aren't included here yet. Add Your Listing Or Website free of charge. If you find something on the site that you think is an error or you just have feedback or suggestions, please contact us. Answers to commonly asked questions about the site and how to use it can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Thank you.

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