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Due to popular demand, we now offer a range of advertising opportunities in addition to our existing premium listing program. Since our service and website focus specifically on Long Island we present outstanding options for advertisers in this area. We also offer the opportunity for e-commerce and web-based businesses to connect with our visitors.

Our primary ad location is near the top of the left column. The primary ad size is 160px wide by 120px tall. We support both image and text ads.

Ad Format Options:

  1. Supply your own 160px by 120px ad graphic in JPG or GIF image format (animated GIFs are allowed) (total filesize must be no larger than 50Kb)
  2. Have us design a new custom 160px by 120px ad graphic for you (see below for pricing)
  3. Go with a simple but effective text ad that links to your website using any text you desire.


  1. $100 per year for an ad in the left column on any one specific category page (like the Long Island Fishing page)
  2. $200 per year for an ad in the left column on the homepage
  3. $300 per year for an ad in the left column of ALL pages on the site
  4. $320 additional if you want us to design a new 160px by 120px ad banner image for you from scratch (text ads have no design charge and you can of course submit your own ad graphic in GIF or JPG format free of charge)

Please note, these prices are per year, not per month.

If you have questions or would like to set up an advertising campaign please contact us. Thank you for your interest.

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